While we've all seen footage of snowboarders swooshing through fresh powder, the fact is that they're more often banging their way down icy or rutted ski slopes. That being the case, why don't they have suspension like mountain bikes? Russia's Sergey Yarosh & Co Design thinks they should, which is why the company has developed the SANKIboard system.

SANKIboard is designed to be mounted on existing boards, with conventional third-party bindings in turn being mounted on it.

Using carbon fiber-reinforced fiberglass front and rear leaf-style shock absorbers, it reportedly soaks up both ongoing vibrations and big hits upon landings. According to the designers, this should allow for more control, less discomfort, and less muscle fatigue. Additionally, the increased height should keep riders' boots from contacting the slope during aggressive carving.

Plus, if riders sit on it between runs, their butt won't freeze.

Yarosh and his team are currently raising production funds for the SANKIboard, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$199 should get you a system, if all goes according to plans.

And if you'd rather just have a snowboard with suspension already built into it, you might want to check out the Batman-esque Whip FR-II. California company Manic was previously making suspension snowboard bindings, although they appear to no longer be in production.

More information on the SANKIboard is available in the following video.

Source: Indiegogo

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