Sanyo HD Dual Cameras now available fully waterproofed

Sanyo HD Dual Cameras now available fully waterproofed
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March 18, 2009 We reported last week on Sanyo's new “dual camera” range which seeks to blur the line between still and video cameras by offering simultaneous video recording and still photographs. Now you can have all that plus full waterproofing to a depth of three meters. Now this is very significant because it effectively provides a ruggedized still and video camera at a very reasonable price point.

The two new waterproof dual camera models, the VPC-CA9EX and VPC-WH1EX, are able to record underwater to a depth of up to 1.5m and 3m respectively for a period of 60 minutes. The underwater capability provides an opportunity to capture amazing underwater footage and both models provide outstanding HD quality video.

Both models offer high definition recording, providing clearer and crisper images. The VPC-WH1EX has an amazing 30x zoom, the largest zoom of any waterproof camera in the world+. The dual camera format is perfect for capturing both video and stills at the same time. With a simple press of the shutter button, users can take photos while recording video ensuring all their adventures are captured in video and still image formats.

The new range is flash memory based, requiring less battery power while in use, resulting in more efficient battery use. In addition, the dual cameras are compact and lightweight, ideal for taking with you to the family BBQ or snorkeling adventures on the next holiday.

The new waterproof dual cameras are offered in a range of colors and styles. The VPC-CA9EX is a ‘pistol grip’ shape and is available in black or red. The VPC-WH1EX is a horizontal camera that is available in yellow or blue with pearl-white highlights.

HDMI outputs on the VPC-WH1EX allow consumers to plug the camera directly into a TV to ensure ultimate viewing clarity and content is protected ensuring compatibility with future digital products.

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