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Sanyo’s 42 inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor

Sanyo’s 42 inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor
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November 5, 2006 It costs more than three times its non-weatherproof 42 inch equivalent in the Sanyo range, but the CE42LM4WPR flat panel 42 inch LCD Monitor has truly unique qualities which have the potential to open up the outdoor display and advertising market. Suddenly advertising, information services, and promotional activities can be empowered by the use of a 42 inch display at open-air events in all weather and in harsh environments, such as dusty or humid conditions. The ruggedised (our words not theirs, so don’t go dropkicking it around the place) screen now has IP56 weather-resistant accreditation making it viable for a range of industrial and architectural applications including in-factory information services, outdoor home usage in courtyards and pools areas as well as, commercial applications such as clubs and digital signage.

The Weatherproof LCD Monitor is able to resist dust and withstand strong jets of water meeting the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard IP56. The screen is protected by a non-glare front acrylic panel for damage resistance and easy cleaning.

With a Wide Viewing Angle of 178° the monitor will always be well placed for viewers to enjoy the entertainment whatever the viewing angle.

The Weatherproof LCD Monitor is High Definition-ready and has HDMI with HDCP and Component to produce high quality images. A PC input (D-sub 15pin) makes the monitor ideal for outdoor gaming as it accepts a wide range of PC signals including WXGA, as well as three separate AV inputs with loop-through connections for easy installation of multiple displays.

A panel brightness of 500cd/m2, screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and a contrast ratio of 800:1 all work to produce high quality, realistic and vivid details.

The Weatherproof LCD Monitor has an RS232C interface which enables easy interfacing and has in and out connections capable of a daisy chain.

Prices vary on the Sanyo CE42LM4WPR 42 inch Weatherproof LCD Monitor depending on the marketplace, though as a rule of thumb, take the non-weatherproof price and multiply by three.

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