Sanyo's Xacti Sound Recorder makes copying from radio cool again

Sanyo's Xacti Sound Recorder makes copying from radio cool again
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Sanyo's Xacti line-up is welcoming a new addition to the family, but this time it's not a video camera. Announced earlier this month the new Xacti sound recorder looks about as awesome as a sound recorder can possibly look, showing that the company still sees potential in the sound recorder market.

The unit is designed for users who require a high-end audio recorder, like journalists who record interviews on the go. But it's more than just a regular sound recorder, because when it's in the accompanying cradle/speaker dock it can record the radio (it's 1985 all over again!).

If you want to record sounds from other sources, there's a line-in jack and connecting cable that can accommodate that too. This works well for those who want to digitize music from old cassettes or similar external sources.

Audio is recorded in WAV/MP3 format to a micro SD card (a 2GB card comes included) making file transfer and storage quick and easy. In fact, the recorder has some native editing features that allow you to split and cut some files without even using a PC.

In keeping with the rest of Sanyo's diminutive Xacti family, their sound recorder is less than half an inch thick, or 11mm to be 'Xact'. It weighs in at only 2.3 ounces (66g) too, and Sanyo bills the recorder as the world's lightest.

Set to go on sale in Japan on April 21, the recorder comes with a 30,000 yen price tag (about $322). No word just yet on whether or not there are plans to sell it outside of Japan.

Sanyo via dgfreak.

Or buy a small Netbook PC for $250 that can do all of this, too, through the audio in jack and some freeware. Duh!
And it\'s a PC, so you can do everything else... not be limited in functionality.
You can\'t slip a netbook in your pocket, and journalists at press conferences are not going to be sticking their netbook in the face of the person on the podium. I also doubt your average netbook has the same sound quality as this unit.