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Savant Systems' iPod media dock

Savant Systems' iPod media doc...
ROSIE Media Dock connects
ROSIE Media Dock connects
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ROSIE Media Dock connects
ROSIE Media Dock connects

September 25, 2008 Savant Systems’ ROSIE Media Dock connects compatible iPod and iPhone models with SAVANT multi-room AV systems allowing users to navigate their personal media players using a ROSIE user interface, which also displays artist, album and track information.

The ROSIE Media Dock connects to a ROSIE Controller via CAT5 cable, which enables the iPodR to send operational information to any ROSIE user interface within the local area network. ROSIE user interfaces include touch panels, keypads, Touch TV, and ROSIE Surface and On-Screen Displays. ROSIE web-enabled mobile devices include the iPhone and iPod touch, the Nokia N810, and Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC. The iPod is powered from the docking station.

"More and more consumers are seeking ways to listen to their iPods through their home entertainment systems, and our new ROSIE Media Dock facilitates seamless integration of the iPod's music storage and playback capabilities with the distribution and control functionality of a SAVANT multiroom A/V system," stated Savant president Jim Carroll. "Thanks to our iPodR interface, consumers can effortlessly enjoy their favorite iPodR music from anywhere in their home - with the superior sound quality that is the hallmark of every SAVANT multiroom audio system."

The docking station can be used with all the current compatible iPod models featuring a docking connector, such as the iPod nano, iPod classic, iPhone and iPod touch.

Suggested retail pricing and availability for the SAVANT ROSIE Media Dock is yet to be announced.

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