Gaining access to tools that could provide insights into an individual's cognitive functions like memory and decision-making have typically been expensive, and limited to those given by a medical professional or clinician. Savonix is bent on changing that, with what it says is the first mobile and clinically-valid cognitive and brain health assessment tool in the world.

The Savonix assessment tool is a mobile app available for either iOS or Android devices. It was developed by a team of Stanford University healthcare professionals, using published data gleaned from past clinical research results involving cognitive assessments.

Such assessments have been used for decades to determine changes in brain function caused by diseases like Alzheimer's, or by brain trauma from accidents. Savonix says its cognitive assessment tool is quicker and less costly to administer than currently available tools, but that it will be just as accurate.

The company has recently made the app available for a six-week trial beta use, to help gain insight into the user experience in order to improve upon what will be a final version available to companies and clinicians later this year. Anyone interested in participating in the trial can sign up on the Savonix website. They'll then be given a one-time use code and notified as to how to download either version of the app.

Users of the app spend 30-45 minutes completing a variety of tasks that assess such areas as verbal memory, impulse control, emotionality, and information processing speed. The app generates the results immediately upon completion of all of the tasks, and performance in each measured area is indicated on a scale of low to high. There's also a short description of what the results indicate, and steps you can take to improve certain areas like memory and decision-making.

Savonix says that users can share their results with a medical professional or clinician for additional evaluation or diagnoses, and that the assessment is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Source: Savonix

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