There are all sorts of scooters, bikes and skateboards on which kids (of all ages) can get around. For those who can't decide which they prefer though, the Sbyke combines them all. Gizmag took a closer look at the London Toy Fair.

First featured by Gizmag in 2011, the Sbyke is a rear-steer slaloming contraption that's now available in the UK. It was created in the US by brothers Bart and Steve Wilson and the story goes that UK-based businessman Shaun Turner came across the the Wilsons' creation while holidaying in California. After realizing that it was not available in the UK, Turner convinced the brothers to let him distribute the Sbyke across the pond.

The vehicle itself pulls together the upright and forward-facing riding position of a scooter with the large front wheel and handlebars of a bike and the wooden board and rear-trucks of a skateboard. It may sound a bit contrived initially, but once you see the Sbyke in action it all makes sense and will surely have you keen to give it a try.

The rear trucks are attached to the deck using a cambered radial ball bearing system that allows the board to be tilted up to 50 degrees right or left. It is this feature that allows the Sbyke to be steered. Users need only lean to the right or left to turn in that direction. The setup allows for very smooth but tight swooping and carving.

There are two Sbyke models now available in the UK. The P20 Sbyke has a 20-in BMX wheel and is designed for for ages eight and up. It retails for £159.95 ($249 in the US). The P16 Sbyke is smaller and is designed for ages four to seven. It retails for £99.95 ($149 in the US). An additional model, the A20, is also available in the US (though not yet in the UK), which sits between the P20 and the P16 models and retails at $179.

The video below shows the Sbyke in action at the 2015 London Toy Fair.

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