Hair isn't something you'd normally associate with consumer electronics, but then not all hair-care systems are as tech-heavy as Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab. The customized hair care system is currently on display at CES in Las Vegas, where it's won two Innovation Awards.

The system starts with a hand-held device known as the SalonLab Analyzer, which the stylist uses to scan the client's hair. It utilizes near-infrared and visible light sensors to measure factors such as "inner hair quality," moisture level and true hair color.

Readings are transmitted to an app on the stylist's smartphone or tablet, where they're analyzed. At this point, the client can consult with the stylist about things like hair color, which can be previewed in the form of 3D video on the app.

Once a course of action has been decided upon, the data is then relayed to the SalonLab Customizer. This is a machine within the salon, that blends together ingredients based on the individual client's needs, to create a hair care product just for them. It's dispensed into a custom-labelled bottle at the push of a button.

Consumers can expect to see the system in select Schwarzkopf Professional hair salons throughout the US and Europe, later this year. It's demonstrated in the following video.

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