Scion unveils the xB mobile DJ vehicle

Scion unveils the xB mobile DJ vehicle
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November 8, 2004 The rise of specialist automobiles for niche markets continues with a showing of the Scion xB DJ vehicle at the SEMA conference in Las Vegas recently. The Scion xB DJ is a concept car packed to the brim with audio/video and navigation equipment from Pioneer Electronics and aimed at the hip and booming dance music crowd.

It's quite amazing the amount of gear that is crammed into the Scion xB DJ vehicle, which has a squat and compact frame and room for two people in the front seats. Mounted on the doors are Pioneer's REV series component speakers. The rear doors motorise open to reveal four sets of the TS-C160R REV speakers installed in specially shaped enclosures. A total of four Pioneer TS-W12PRS 12-inch subwoofers provide heart-pounding bass. REV style grills match the REV speakers on the doors.

The entire rear of the xB fully motorizes out to reveal Pioneer DJ products. When the rear fully retracts, two CDJ-1000s and a DJM-600 mixer in a "coffin" motorises up, ready to play music for the crowd. Two AVD-W8000 8-inch monitors reside next to the CDJ-1000s and monitor in the rear window provide video entertainment.

A companion model, the 2005 Scion tC, was also displayed at SEME. It is equipped with navigation and a complete audio video system custom installed within a black and red themed interior, and is virtually the same model but without the pre-installed Djing equipment.

Scion is a brand of the Toyota stable aimed at a younger and more select American target audience. Toyota have also announced a DJ ready concept van, the HIACE Sound Satellite, suggesting car manufacturers are eager to tap into the booming global demographic of DJs and electronic music enthusiasts who need vehicle room to carry speakers, decks and heavy equipment.

Scion are also running a novel marketing campaign to engage the dance music crowd with their 'Virtual Party' promotion at You sign up and organise a 'virtual party' in a chat room that competes in a trivia game for a chance to win Pioneer products and other prizes.

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