Despite the abundance of portable audio products, the choices for enjoying music while riding a bicycle are more limited. Headphones and earphones aren't ideal for those needing situational awareness, and most speakers aren't created with bicycle-mounting in mind. Scosche's recently-announced Bluetooth wireless speaker, the BoomBottle+, is designed to be rugged, loud, and conveniently-shaped to fit in most bicycle bottle cages.

The BoomBottle+ is for those who prefer some audio accompaniment on their ride rather than rehydration. It slides into bottle cages for storage, keeping hands and ears free to steer and listen. The Bluetooth wireless connectivity eliminates the tangle of cables, and buttons built onto the BoomBottle+ provide a means to adjust volume and change tracks without having to reach for a smartphone. If all of this sounds a bit familiar, it's because the Scosche BoomBottle+ is the newer, upgraded version of the original BoomBottle wireless speaker released in 2013.

Compared to the original, the BoomBottle+ is designed to last up to 50 percent longer. Its 6,000 mAh battery should provide up to 15 hours of audio before a recharge is required via the included wall adapter and USB cable, and the extra juice allows the device to also power external devices via USB.

Via an EQ switch, users can toggle between indoor and outdoor listening profiles, and music can be played in stereo when paired with another BoomBottle+ unit. On top of all that, the device features larger audio drivers and a brace of passive bass radiators that are meant to deliver fuller, more immersive 360-degree sound.

Since the BoomBottle+ may be hanging out in an open bicycle bottle cage in wet or dusty conditions, Scosche has designed the speaker to be rugged and water and dust resistant. The tough TPU exterior is designed to handle the inevitable bumps, while the IP67 rating protects against water and dust. If you happen to find yourself in a muddy bicycle crash at the bottom of a hill, the speaker will most likely be in better shape than you. Wipe or rinse the mud off – or don't – and the BoomBottle+ should still be ready to play on.

While the unit is designed with bicycle bottle cages in mind, that doesn't mean it can't be freed from its cage and used elsewhere. Its water and dust resistance make it a good fit for use on a boat or by the pool, and if it does end up in the drink, the BoomBottle+ is designed to float for easy retrieval. The included carabiner clip provides users the option to securely attach the speaker to straps or any gear with M.O.L.L.E. webbing. A quarter-inch thread at the bottom end allows the BoomBottle+ to mount to tripods or other systems for creative placement.

The Scosche BoomBottle+ is available to order now for US$179.99, with users able to choose from Sport Blue, Black/Gold or Black/Space Gray color options.

Source: Scosche

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