One issue for those upgrading to an iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, or iPad mini is the lack of accessories designed to work with the new Lightning connector. Scosche is looking to help rectify the situation with its new line of Lightning cables and chargers.

Scosche's new chargers include the strikeBASE wall charger, which has a 3-foot cable, and comes in both 5 W and 12 W versions. The strikeBASE also has a compact form-factor designed not to block the other outlet on your wall.

The strikeDRIVE car charger, like the strikeBASE, is available in 5W and 12W varieties and comes with a 3-foot cable. The difference, which is standard among car chargers, is the inclusion of a coiled cable.

The new line-up is rounded-off by the strikeLINE PRO. Billed as the first official retractable cable for Lightning devices, the strikeLINE PRO extends to 3 feet long.

The strikeBASE in 5 W and the strikeDRIVE in 5 W both retail for US$29.99. The 12 W version of the strikeBASE and strikeDrive both come with a retail price of $34.99, and the strikeLINE PRO will set buyers back $24.99.

Source: Scosche

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