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sneakPEEK A/V cable connects iPad and iPhone to car AV systems

sneakPEEK A/V cable connects i...
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If your car AV system packs a screen and you carry an iOS device, this new in-car output cable from Scosche might grab your interest. The sneakPEEK auto IPAVC is a hardwired solution for connecting an iPad, iPhone or iPod to any aftermarket car entertainment system with AV inputs so you can watch videos or listen to audio stored on your iOS device.

The sneakPEEK's 9 feet length means it can be installed to reach the back-seat of the vehicle and there's an integrated switch that allows you to change between playing video on an external monitor or on the device's screen.

The US$75 cable features all-metal barrel connectors with gold plated RCA's and integrated strain relief, a built-in 12 VDC to 5 VDC 10W fused power supply for charging and the stepped connector means you should be able to plug in your device without having to shed the case.

The sneakPEEK auto IPAVC is compatible with all generations of iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch as well as iPod nano (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation) and iPod classic. App-wise, Scosche says it will work with iPod video playback, Photos, AirVideo, YouTube, Netflix (iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2) and Keynote.

View gallery - 4 images
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