Gadget-friendly clothing firm SCOTTeVEST showed off a new concept smart-coat at this year’s CES. Looking like a standard windbreaker from the outside, the SCOTTeVEST TEC Jacket 2.0 actually contains serious technology in the form of adapters, accessories, and enough pockets to safely house the majority of mobile devices.

Some of the features floated for inclusion in the TEC Jacket 2.0 include stereophonic speakers, which are mounted in the collar, and a pair of noise-cancelling microphones to facilitate easier conversation. In addition, a heads-up display is integrated into the hood.

As far as storage is concerned, there are pen and stylus pockets, an iPhone dock, a waterproof iPad pocket, and even an RFID-blocking pouch. There’s also a life-logging camera and LTE hub built-in for good measure.

The SCOTTeVEST TEC Jacket 2.0 appears to be an early prototype at present, and it’s expected to take roughly two years to bring it to market – which leaves plenty of time for you to get hold of a pair of Wearcom jeans and perhaps a Google's Project Glass device to complete a very high-tech wardrobe.

The full rundown of the clever coat's various features are detailed in the above image gallery, while the concept video below also highlights some of the company’s ideas.


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