Older Gizmag readers may remember the Etch A Sketch, a child’s doodling utensil that used aluminium powder and a glass screen to draw horizontal and vertical lines and the Magna Doodle, a similar product that used a magnetic drawing board. A cheap and cheerful version of the latter, often called the ‘magic slate’, consisted of a pad and stylus that allowed scribbles to be erased by lifting off and replacing a film of plastic. This concept has now been rather cleverly turned into a Mouse Pad called the Scratch-n-Scroll.

The quirky idea was, appropriately, brought to life by the quirky community, a social project designed to foster creativity and turn ideas into reality, and is the ninth such device that has been brought to the fore since its launch on June 2nd.

The idea of the pad is to provide a fast and reliable way in which to scribble down phone numbers, messages and other notes using the ubiquitous presence of a mouse pad to eliminate the problem of never having a paper and pen handy when you most need them. Notes can be taken using the provided stylus, a fingertip or any other pointed device that’s close to hand and to erase them simply lift off the semi-transparent top sheet and replace for a clean canvas.

It works with any optical or ball mouse and is available now at quirky’s online store for USD$9.49.

If the idea of realizing some of those age-old creative ideas is of interest, the quirky community is always open to new members and encourages participants to take part in every aspect of product creation, from design and naming to manufacturing and marketing. 30c of every USD$1 made from a successful idea goes back to the inventor and community that helped realize the project.

An in-depth FAQ on quirky’s website has all the details for those looking to get involved.

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