Back in 2012, the Scrubba Wash Bag was launched as the world’s smallest clothes washing machine. Now, the team behind it is launching a new bag called the Scrubba Pack, which expands upon some of the functionality of the original, while also making it function as the user’s backpack. It aims to be the one bag needed to both to carry clothes and wash them.

What really makes this bag stand out is the fact that it can wash clothes. Users can carry it around all day and use it as a waterproof backpack, then when they get back, they can wash their clothes with what the creators call a "machine-quality clothes wash."

To actually use the bag as a clothes washing machine, users simply fill it with soap, water, and clothes, deflate the air from the bag, and then rub the clothes from the outside for about three minutes. From there, they open the bag, rinse the clothes, and hang them to dry.

The reason the bag is able to clean clothes is the soft washboard inside of it. Basically, there are hundreds of little nodules inside the bag that scrub the clothes clean just like a traditional washboard would, but without all rigidity a normal washboard would have. The polyether urethane material used inside the bag resists water damage.

As for the bag's functionality as a bag, the straps are adjustable so it can be worn as a traditional backpack, a messenger bag, or a sling bag worn over one shoulder. The straps are also padded, so wearers can be comfortable using it all day. It’s also lightweight, weighing 300 g (10 oz) empty. It has a capacity of 13 liters (3.4 gallons).

The Scrubba team is seeking funding on Indiegogo. It’s seeking a fairly modest US$15,000 to bring its new Scrubba Wash Pack to market. Backers interested in preordering a bag can do so for a minimum pledge of $79 while the early special lasts. From there, the price will jump to $99. Those who do preorder one should receive it in October, if all goes according to plans.

The pitch video below shows the bag in use and provides more information.

Source: Indiegogo

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