The Segway never actually changed the way cities are built – or anything else for that matter – but to a certain segment of commuter, a small, light, zero-emissions mode of transportation remains quite attractive. The Scuddy is a German-built electric scooter that fits the bill. It folds up for easy transport, allows riders to sit or stand, and provides an attractive alternative to cars, bikes and motorcycles ... and Segways.

Similar to the JAC and Myway, the Scuddy is a stand-up scooter that folds for transport. It doesn't look quite as compact as those folding scooters, but it does add some convenience by offering two folding options. It can fold up into a trolley, allowing the rider to pull it on its wheels (it even looks like you could stack a backpack, suitcase or package on top). This configuration is ideal for boarding a train or subway or rolling the scooter into the office for storage. The scooter also compacts further into a small box-like package, ideal for loading it into tighter spaces like a car or closet.

Out on the road, the Scuddy makes use of a 2 horsepower motor to roll up to 25 miles (40 km) at speeds up to 21.7 mph (35 km/h). Its rechargeable battery charges to full in about four hours with a standard charger and one hour with the optional quick charger. A regenerative braking system helps keep the battery going as long as possible.

The Scuddy uses a carving chassis with two 12.5-inch tilting front wheels and a 10-inch rear wheel with suspension. Riders shift their weight to carve into turns. With the available seatpost, it can be ridden as either a stand-up or sit-down scooter. It also includes front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, and LED headlight and taillight. Various accessories, like a cargo basket and trailer, can be added on to extend its utility.

Scuddy GmbH introduced the scooter last year and began sales earlier this month in Europe. The City version has a 12.4 mph (20 km/h) top speed and retails for €2,999 (US$4,000), and the Sport goes up to 21.7 mph and will set you back €3,499 ($4,690).

Source: Scuddy GmbH

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