When it comes to data storage capacity, too much is never enough. But Seagate is doing its best to sate people's craving for gigabytes on the go by announcing the world's highest capacity 2.5-inch hard drive. Equaling the 2 TB capacity of the Samsung Spinpoint M9T that the company unveiled back in 2013, the new drive is 2.5 mm thinner than that unit, stretching the calipers to just 7 mm.

Weighing in at 90 g (3.17 oz), the new drive is 25 percent lighter than Seagate's previous generation mobile hard drives and is aimed at ever-thinner mobile devices and laptops with ever-increasing storage demands. Packing two 1 TB platters, Seagate credits the incorporation of head, media, preamp and channel recording-subsystem components for the drive's impressive areal density.

The company says high spatial efficiency of the platters also results in a quiet, robust drive that can handle the intense shock and vibrations that mobile devices inevitably deliver, while freeing up space for other device components, such as bigger batteries, more memory or simply better air circulation.

Despite the performance advantages of solid state drives (SSDs), platter-based HDDs continue to hold their ground thanks largely to their lower cost. However, as it has with its Momentus XT hybrid drives, Seagate says it may look to combine the cost advantages of this new platter-based drive with the performance advantages of NAND flash memory in a hybrid model.

Seagate hasn't announced technical specs, pricing or a release date for the new drive, which will be targeted at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – initially, at least.

Source: Seagate