Seagate has unveiled a new centralized wireless home storage and backup addition to its FreeAgent GoFlex hard drive solutions. The single-drive GoFlex Home storage system is said to benefit from easy setup and use, the ability to connect and wirelessly share USB printers or other devices, remote file access and a modular approach to higher capacity upgrades.

The "one for all and all for one" ethos made popular by Alexandre Dumas has now found its way into wireless network storage and backup thanks to Seagate's new GoFlex Home system. The solution's cradle containing either a 1TB or 2TB storage drive hooks up to a wireless router (it is, of course, assumed that users will already have such a thing in the home) via an Ethernet port at the back. A step-by-step illustrated guide helps to ensure setup is brisk and smooth, after which the unit is available on the home network for all to use.

The whole family will then be able to access one centralized file space to stream photos, movies and music around the house. It's not just PC's and Mac's that can get into the files stored on the GoFlex Home, any network connected DNLA device (such as games consoles and Seagate's own GoFlex TV HD media player) can enjoy wireless access. The system also includes licenses for automated backup of up to three computers, with additional licenses available for purchase.

Describing the GoFlex Home system, Seagate's Darcy Clarkson said that it "makes it easy for families wanting to quickly and effortlessly backup, enjoy, and share their favorite home movies music or photos from any room in the house. We spent a lot of time focusing on simplicity with this product and believe people will find it very intuitive to set-up and get started."

On either side of the Ethernet port to the rear of the GoFlex Home base is a power socket and a USB port. The latter can be used for wirelessly sharing such things as a printer or for adding additional storage devices and should the family find that more storage space is needed, the included drive can be upgraded by simply removing it from the base and sliding in a higher capacity version.

With the inclusion of a remote access and file sharing service called Seagate Share, users can access the system from any internet connected computer in the world. An upgrade to the Pro service will allow users remote access to photos, movies, documents and so on from mobile devices and integration with online social networking portals.

The GoFlex Home system is available now at a cost of US$159.99 for the 1TB unit and US$229.99 for 2TB.

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