May 1, 2009 It is no secret that we are increasingly dependent on digital information as hard drives replace cupboards full of photo albums, racks of CD’s and boxes of files. But with this convenience comes a danger - one which an estimated one third of consumers ignore by failing to back up their files according to research* cited by Seagate in releasing its new continuous backup solution - Replica.

Available Single PC (250GB) and Multi-PC (500GB) configurations, Replica is designed to provide"effortless" backup - the user merely needs to plug in the USB cable and the Replica will begin operating, without any additional set up software or the need to learn any new programs. Once operating, the Replica then serves as a constant backup in the background, not only storing data, photos, music and other information like internet bookmarks, but also backing up your entire hard drive and operating system.

This does away with the time consuming exercise of burning everything to CD or DVD, or dragging and dropping files onto flash drives which obviously puts many people off the task of backing up their precious PC cargo.

The Seagate Replica will be available in May as either a single-PC version (approx USD$130) or a multi-PC version (approx USD$200) for those with more than one computer or laptop in the home.

Mick Webb

Full specs can be found at Seagate.

* According to research by Parks Associates

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