If you're getting bored with your video-recording Snapchat Spectacles, you may soon be able to do something new with them – take them underwater! That's just what the SeaSeeker dive mask is designed to let you do. One catch, though: you'll have to be a guest on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

The cruise line has already created prototypes of the mask, which accommodates a pair of the specs in what we have to assume is a watertight compartment in the front.

Although the company itself has provided little in the way of technical details, some reports have stated that the mask is watertight down to 150 ft (46 m) and allows for the shooting of up to 30 minutes of footage. If it's typical Snapchat video, though, it will be parcelled up into 10-second blocks.

Royal Caribbean has given the mask to three well-known divers, who are testing it and posting their videos on social media. There are plans to patent the technology, so it can be made available exclusively to guests on the company's cruises.

Footage shot with the SeaSeeker can be seen below (all Snapchat videos appear round on YouTube).