It's no easy task for an architect to put his or her stamp on basic facilities like public restrooms. Architect Adam Wierciński has managed it though, and his Seaside Periscope concept comprises a public toilet that sports a working periscope system.

Set to be located on the coast in Gdynia, Poland, the muscular Seaside Periscope resembles a disused bunker from the Soviet era and will be built from concrete if the project goes ahead. The periscope system itself serves a purpose beyond mere novelty, and is placed at a height of 4 m (13 ft) off the ground to offer those visiting the bathroom a good view of the Baltic Sea.

This system offers a few advantages over one-way glass for example, in that no passersby will interrupt the view.

The periscope features two mirrors and reflects light from outside and down into the bathroom, into a "viewfinder," which in this case is very large and takes up the place you might usually expect to find a mirror. In addition, a wooden tribune (or raised platform) is situated between the women's and men's bathrooms, from which people can hang out and catch a view of the Baltic without availing themselves of the facilities.

We're not privy to all the details, but the architectural plans of the 90 sq m (968 sq ft) public toilet concept also depict rainwater collection, which is then presumably used for flushing. We've reached out to Wierciński for further information.

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