Considering the number of connected devices popping up around the home, it's surprising no-one has tried to reinvent the sticky note until now. The SeeNote has a compact, front-lit ePaper display and gives you reminders based on live traffic information, provides access to a range of smart-home features and, of course, lets you leave notes for your housemates.

Just like any good sticky note, the SeeNote is all about leaving quick messages wherever they're needed. Measuring up at 3.5 in2 (22.6 cm2), the little polycarbonate unit is roughly the same size as a regular set of sticky notes. But instead of using flimsy bits of paper to remind yourself about a task, you've got a 4.1-inch, 300 dpi touchscreen designed for easy reading in full sunlight.

Once it's connected to a Wi-Fi network, SeeNote is able to display live updates about traffic and weather, and can even be used to control connected home devices through Wink and IFTTT. It can also display calendar information from a Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device, as well as allowing you to use an app to leave messages on the screen.

When you've got a new alert, the color LED band around the outside of the note lights up, so the only excuse for missing a message is a flat battery – not that it should be a problem too often, given you should get one-month out of the USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

These functions are, according to the little notepad's creators, just the start. Thanks to an open, developer-friendly API, the team behind SeeNote say its functionality could be expanded to do things like order pizza with a single touch.

The unit has a magnetic backing for sticking on a fridge, and can be stuck onto a wall using a mounting plate and 3M adhesive. Currently its creators are asking US$99 for preorders and, if the project gets off the ground, SeeNote will retail for $129.

An explainer from the unit's creators is below.

Source: SeeNote

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