Since being introduced in 2001, the Segway PT has carved out a place for itself in various niche markets, from tourism to law enforcement. With the One S1, Segway appears to be targeting even more niche markets with a single-wheel design that, although self-balancing, the company warns "is not for everyone" and takes some skill to ride. Prospective riders may now get a chance to see if it is for them before slapping down their hard-earned, with Segway announcing the One S1 will roll into bricks and mortar retailers across North America.

Segway put the One S1 up for preorder on Amazon last month, but maybe the idea of being unable to try before you buy kept sales numbers down, because now the company is bringing the self-balancing, electric, single-wheel vehicle to specialized retailers in North America that cater to "lifestyle and recreational riders."

Segway says the One S1 is "challenging" to ride, but that "riders with a certain skill set, combined with a fearless mindset, can learn to ride in about an hour." So, those without a certain skill set and of the less fearless persuasion may take longer to get up to speed. That speed is a maximum of 12.5 mph (20 km/h), which is adjustable via the Ninebot App running on a smartphone and connecting to the vehicle via Bluetooth.

In addition to allowing riders to preset speed limits, the app also has a New Rider Tutorial and enables customization of the unit's lighting. The app can also switch the device to "carry" or "lock" mode. At 25 lb (11.3 kg) and with the foot holds folding into the side of the wheel, the One S1 is extremely portable and can hold up to 220 lb (100 kg). It is powered by two 150-Wh batteries, which give it a range of up to 15 mi (24 km) per charge.

Independent science safety company UL has certified the Segway One S1 as meeting its 2272 standards. Published on November 21, 2016, this new standard covers personal mobility devices that are electrically-powered, single-rider, non-roadworthy devices. The standards cover electrical safety and fire safety requirements for these devices.

In early Q1, Segway will offer various accessories for the One S1, including training wheels, a kickstand, protective bumpers, and graphic decals. The company will also be showcasing the device at CES in January, where a new black model will be revealed.

Preorder prices begin at US$749 and special Amazon-only pricing of $599 is currently being offered.

Segway introduces the One S1 in the video below.

Source: Segway (PDF), UL

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