Self-cleaning Automatic Public Toilet

Self-cleaning Automatic Public Toilet
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The growing phenomena of the Automatic Public Toilet (APT) has reached the City of Pittsburgh in the US with the installation of a coin-operated, computer assisted amenity designed explicitly to complement the architecture of the City's historic south district. First developed by Clear Channel Adshel in Westminster, London, APT's are also operating in New York and Rio de Janeiro.

The computerized monitoring system has been designed to allow adjustments to the toilet by remote control and is the only unit in the world with this feature according to Adshel. The exterior is constructed with graffiti-resistant materials, an illuminated display panel can be used for community service messages and the APT even issues audio instructions on entry.

The Clear Channel Adshel APT in Pittsburgh also features an outside security camera and security lighting plus instructions in Braille as well as pictorial symbols.

Safety is further enhanced by an emergency call/two-way intercom system located throughout the interior and the automatic cleaning cycle goes way beyond the flush - the toilet bowl and seat, hand wash basin and floor are disinfected and completely dried after each use, a process that takes approximately 40 seconds.

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