Audio manufacturer Sennheiser and sporting goods giant Adidas have collaborated on a new line of athletics-oriented headphones. Called simply the Sports line, the product range includes four models of rugged sweat- and water-proof headphones designed to fit whatever type of sports activity you are into.

The manufacturer says the Sports headphones are designed to be secure yet comfortable no matter how extreme the conditions. The four different styles include the following:

  • CX 680 Sports ear-canal headphones
  • MX 680 Sports earbud-style headphones
  • OMX 680 Sports clip-on over-ear style headphones
  • PMX 680 Sports neckband-type headphones

All of the SennHeiser/Adidas Sports headphones feature high-output audio drivers plus Dupont Kevlar-reinforced cables to withstand whatever extreme environments you wear them to. The built-in cable is kep t short to avoid tangles, but all models come with a cable extender that includes a built-in volume control.

The CX 680 Sports have an in-the-ear-canal design that helps to block outside noise. For outdoor use, the earbud-style MX 680 headphones allow more external sound to pass. Both the CX and MX models feature an “ear fin” design that the manufacturer says helps to keep the headphones in place even during heavy movement.

If you don’t like in-the-ear headphones, both the OMX and PMX Sports models offer alternative mounting methods. The OMX 680 headphones clip over your ear, while the PMX 680 version features a wrap-around neckband with reflective stripes for increased visibility. Both models allow external sound to pass, like the MX 680, so they are suitable for outdoor use where you need to hear traffic or other hazards.

The Sennheiser/Adidas Sports headphone line is available now from Sennheiser sales channels and Adidas Sport Performance stores. Prices range from US$50 to US$120.

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