Could you one day control your smartphone by just looking at it? Tech company Senseye thinks so, and is developing the technology to do just that.

The technology uses the forward-facing camera on your smartphone to locate your eyes, and then estimate where you're looking on the screen. The computer-vision algorithms used are precise enough that your phone will be able to tell even what icon you're looking at, allowing you to open programs, or even control games.

Eye-tracking technology isn't exactly new. Tobii showed off an eye-tracking technology for laptops earlier this year, with plans to bring the tech to laptops made by Lenovo. The technology could be great for those with handicaps, as well as everyday consumers who need to control their phones or computer, but need to keep their hands free for other activities.

Sensye is currently establishing partnerships with mobile manufacturers, with plans to bring the technology to Android handsets in 2012.

You can check out the tech in action in the video below.