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Set Top Box technology offers advert screenings for television

Set Top Box technology offers advert screenings for television
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January 21, 2004 Peter Vogel, the man who invented the world famous Fairlight Music Synthesiser has developed a new set-top box technology which addresses two of the most persistent and widespread consumer demands regarding TV - the managing (indeed, complete elimination if required) of commercials, and the organisation of recording TV shows.

Ice is a set top-box technology that enables a number of very useful features, such as:

* automatic reduction of the volume during commercial breaks - the user can pre-set the volume during adverts to overcome the normal increase in volume which accompanies commercial advertisements

* the recording of any program digitally

* the ability to remove adverts from recorded programs and replace the adverts in live TV with a blank screen or another station until the ad break is finished

* a parental control system which enables parents to prevent children from viewing unsuitable TV programs

* an on-screen program guide

* Record a single program or series in real time (not scheduled time) - we all know how the TV stations shift program times to obtain an advantage over competing channels - this technology recognises when the program actually starts and finishes

The new technology to be known as iceTV was demonstrated to the media for the first time in late July. Duncan Ross, CEO of technology start-up Faulconbridge Limited, said "We are currently raising the capital to make this world first technology available to the public before the end of the year. Response to our business plan by prospective investors has been very enthusiastic."

"At the centre of this amazing new technology is an interactive program guide for free-to-air TV. Viewers will be able to scroll to their favourite programs and digitally record them with the touch of a button and play them back without the ads.

"The same functionality will allow parents to block programs they think are inappropriate.

"When watching live TV, ice will also be able to blank the screen automatically during the commercial break or reduce the volume to a pre-selected level," said Duncan Ross.

The technology will provide viewers with more choice and more control.

While the search for investors is underway, manufacturers of digital TV set top boxes are also negotiating for the opportunity to have their products 'ice powered'.

For more information about ice or the investment opportunity visit www.icetv.info or call the toll free number 1300 654 803.

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