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New system is designed to make fastening your shoes a Shnap

New system is designed to make...
A Shnap + Laces-equipped shoe (left) alongside a regular shoe
A Shnap + Laces-equipped shoe (left) alongside a regular shoe
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A Shnap + Laces-equipped shoe (left) alongside a regular shoe
A Shnap + Laces-equipped shoe (left) alongside a regular shoe

The tying of shoelaces may not be the most difficult thing that most of us do each day, but that nonetheless hasn't stopped people from inventing no-tie shoelace systems. One of the latest, Shnap + Laces, has the user just snap the ends of their laces onto the tops of their shoes.

To use the system, users start by pushing nylon ball studs through the uppermost two eyelets on each shoe, then adding a couple of retainer rings to hold those studs in place. Nylon "buttons" are then threaded onto the ends of the laces, and slid into place so that they line up with the studs when the shoes are comfortably snug.

From there, the buttons can simply be snapped onto the studs to hold the shoe closed, or snapped off to open it up. The excess lace that hangs out past the buttons is just trimmed away.

Perhaps it's not something you need, but it could be good for people with limited dexterity, or who just really dislike tying bows. If you're interested, Shnap + Laces is currently on Kickstarter, where it's surpassed its funding goal. A pledge of US$9 will get you a pair, when and if they reach production.

The installation process is demonstrated in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

Acetal toggles: 25¢ each. And they give the option to tighten or loosen the laces as needed to adjust for different sock thicknesses or if your feet swell up during a long run.
Dax Wagner
This clunky idea has already been leapfrogged by better technology on kickstarter:
Chris Faith
@ Dax Wagner: Oh yes, the magnetic solution that let's you 'step out' and adjust your shoe-fit - 'whenever you want'... Except that you probably won't want to, since it's not so quick or simple to adjust. The 'clunky idea' is attaching magnets and metal to the face of your shoe. That' the way I see it anyway.
Velcro is quicker and easier for those of us with arthritis in our hands. This invention actually looks harder than simply tying a bow.
Credit for creativity but this is a solution for a self-made problem. Some people simply learned the wrong way to tie their shoes. The knot in the picture is the wrong knot, which probably comes undone all the time. If you use the correct knot, it remains tight and secure and looks neat.