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Silver-Zinc batteries shape up to the Lithium-Ion incumbents

Silver-Zinc batteries shape up to the Lithium-Ion incumbents
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October 3, 2006 "The time is right to demonstrate an inherently safe and reliable portable energy solution that does not compromise performance," says Ross Dueber, president and CEO of Zinc Matrix Power. "Although lithium-ion battery malfunctions represent a small percentage of their total population, the consequences of such malfunctions are quite severe, and pose a serious safety risk for consumers. Electronic manufacturers should consider silver-zinc battery technology as a much safer, lower risk solution for portable power."

Since 2003, dozens of leading manufacturers have recalled more than seven million rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for laptops, cell phones, portable DVD players, and digital cameras. Recent reports about traditional lithium- ion batteries bursting into flames have escalated concerns about the safety of these cells used in many devices.

The new Zinc Matrix Power batteries are based on intrinsically safe, water-based chemistry, and contain no lithium or flammable liquids. Unlike lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries, Zinc Matrix Power batteries are free from the problems of thermal runaway, fire, and danger of explosion. Zinc Matrix Power batteries are also free from the regulations that limit the size of lithium-containing batteries on airplanes.

In addition to providing important safety features, Zinc Matrix Power batteries offer improved energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries, providing improved run time in the same footprint -- or the same run time in a smaller footprint. Zinc Matrix Power batteries also deliver a "greener" solution since battery contents can be recycled and reused.

These new silver-zinc batteries from Zinc Matrix Power will be initially targeted to applications that require improved safety and longer life such as notebook computer and cell phone applications. Other targeted markets include the military, government, retail, and broadcast (mobile TV).

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