Although light-equipped mirrors are currently used for applying cosmetics, they can only show users what their makeup will look like in that one type of light. This means that if you're going to be spending your day in a fluorescent-lit office, for example, then a mirror with halogen lights isn't the best way to go. That's why simplehuman created the Wide-View Sensor Mirror. Its full-spectrum LED lighting can replicate a variety of color temperatures, on demand.

The stainless steel-bodied mirror contains two lighting strips and two side panels, which are said to provide soft, even lighting and a wide viewing area. It also has its own USB-rechargeable battery, which should allow it to be used unplugged for approximately three weeks. Like simplehuman's other Sensor Mirrors, it additionally uses built-in proximity sensors to automatically turn itself on and off, as its user approaches and leaves.

Its full-spectrum feature, though, is what makes it unique.

Utiizing an accompanying free app, users can choose between a variety of lighting color presets – the mirror's default setting imitates natural sunlight. For that custom touch, however, users can also shoot a selfie in a location of their choice (such as a workplace, favorite restaurant, etc), then get the mirror to reproduce that exact type of lighting.

As an added benefit, the app's alarm feature can also make the lights flash when it's time for the user to get their butt out the door.

The Wide-View Sensor Mirror is available now, priced at US$400. It's demo'd in the video below.

Source: simplehuman

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