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Singer Curvy tackles sewing's biggest challenges

Singer Curvy tackles sewing's ...
Singer Curvy(TM) Sewing Machines
Singer Curvy(TM) Sewing Machines
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Singer Curvy(TM) Sewing Machines
Singer Curvy(TM) Sewing Machines

February 13, 2008 Singer, the company that invented the world’s first portable sewing machine in 1921 and its first computer-controlled machine in 1978, has released a new line designed to eliminate two of sewing's key frustrations - threading the sewing machine and threading the bobbin.

Created with both beginners and pros in mind, the computerized Curvy machines feature Singer’s SwiftSmart threading system that combines digital technology with a one-touch needle threader.

With previous threading systems, sewers had to thread the spool, guide the thread down along the groove, then U-turn the thread, pull it up again, thread the take-up, and pull it down again to thread the needle eye. The SwiftSmart system means sewers only need to guide the thread from the spool to the needle via the groove at the front of the machine. Another machine feature, the One Touch needle threader will then pull the thread through the eye of the needle. There is no longer a need to go through a complicated threading process. The specially designed Drop and Sew bobbin system incorporates a thread track and new needle plate so there is no need to manually raise the bobbin thread. Sewers can now just drop in the bobbin and begin to sew.

The Singer Curvy machines come in contemporary colors with three LED lights offering illumination. The Push-Button stitch selection allows sewers to easily select the desired stitch by pushing a button, not turning a dial. The machine’s auto tension ensures stable stitch quality for every type of fabric. Prices vary depending on the model.

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