Alarm clocks are a necessary technological evil for most of us, but the snooze button is an all too easy fallback for those unable to resist just a bit longer out under the covers. The singNshock is a concept that provides a slightly shocking answer to this problem.

The "sing" of the name comes from the device's built-in music player and speakers which, coupled with the MMC slot, allow you to wake up to your favorite songs played at as high a volume as you can cope with at an ungodly time in the morning.

Music playback, along with most of the clock's other functions, are controlled via its touchscreen interface – with one key exception. The button used to turn the alarm off delivers an electrical pulse – hence the "shock" portion of the device's name.

The electrical shock feature can be turned off and the pulse is just a few millivolts, which designer Sankalp Sinha believes is enough to trigger neurological functions without causing any harm. The singNshock is currently only a concept, but Sinha has envisioned a range of six colors and LED lighting for some extra ambiance in the bedroom.

If you don't fancy being shocked out of bed then there's always the alarm clock that runs away to prevent snoozing, another that forces you to think, or yet another that gives you an early workout. If none of these options work, maybe you deserve some extra shut-eye.

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