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Snoozing is not an option with the Puzzle Alarm Clock

Snoozing is not an option with...
The Puzzle Alarm Clock
The Puzzle Alarm Clock
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The Puzzle Alarm Clock
The Puzzle Alarm Clock

April 15, 2008 A similar concept to "Clocky" the alarm clock that runs-away, the Puzzle Alarm Clock ejects three different shaped puzzle pieces when it goes off in the morning and the only way to stop the sound is to complete the puzzle. It's a frustrating but effective way to make sure you never miss an important morning meeting again.

Looking very much like the classic children’s toys that require kids to match the pieces with the correctly shaped hole, the Puzzle Alarm Clock has star, triangle and hexagon shaped blocks that fit into the white base. A rocking sound awakens the user and fires the puzzle pieces off the clock. This helps to avoid “cheating” as not matter where you put the pieces the night before; they won’t be in the correct holes when you wake up.

A novel little gadget that might provide a solution for those who need some extra motivation to lift their heads off the pillow in the morning, the only way to shut off the alarm is to snap each piece back into place - the idea being that you will not fall back asleep after you have climbed under your bed to grab the last puzzle piece. And unplugging is not an option as the device is battery operated - though a hammer might work!

Available via Urban Trend.

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