If you've ever tried learning to skateboard, you've probably tried putting the board in grass or on some other surface on which it won't move in order to practice new tricks. After all, learning a new trick on a board that constantly wants to roll away from you is way harder. A new product called SkateTrainer aims to make that easier by preventing the wheels of the board from spinning, thus allowing stationary practice on any surface.

The design is quite simple. Four rubber devices wrap around the skateboards wheels, each with a shape that keeps the board in the place. From there, skaters can practice their tricks while knowing that board won't slide out from under them. Learning new tricks in skatboarding is all about committing to doing them, and having that extra confidence should, in theory, allow skaters to commit and build the muscle memory required to execute the trick without the trainers on.

The creators promise that device will work with almost any skateboard wheel on trick boards. Longboards, on the other hand, typically use larger wheels, and the team has not released SkaterTrainer sets for them yet. They also promise that the rubber used to make them is durable enough to last for "hundreds of skate sessions."

Right now SkaterTrainer sets are only available directly from its official website. They are on sale for US$19.99 right now, but the normal price is listed at $30 for a set of four. Free shipping within the United States is offered, with international shipping listed for $7.

The video below demonstrates the basics of SkaterTrainer.

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