Downhill skis may give you an unmatched feeling of freedom and exhilaration when you're actually skiing, but they can be quite awkward to carry when you're not on the slopes. That's why a group of Spanish entrepreneurs has created the SkiTaker system. It allows users to clip the ends of their skis onto the sides of their boots, then "walk" their skis around vaguely like upside-down stilts.

The two SkiTaker receptacles are made mainly from polyamide and glass fiber, and quickly attach to each of the user's ski boots via included polyester straps. They weigh less than half a pound (227 g) each, and stay on the boots while the user is skiing.

When it's time to transport the skis, the user just lowers the tail end of each one into its respective receptacle – a clip cradles the bottom of the ski, while an adjustable-width guide adds some lateral stability. From there, the user just walks while holding onto the tops of the skis, which scissor along on either side of them.

It looks like the setup could get pretty awkward when doing things such as climbing stairs or boarding a gondola, although users could just pull the skis out and carry them in their arms in such situations.

The SkiTaker designers are currently raising large-scale production funds, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$36 will get you a pair, with shipping set to begin next month – production has already begun, so backers reportedly should receive their SkiTaker sets even if the funding goal isn't met. The planned retail price is $59. You can see a demo of the system in the pitch video below.

For an example of another device intended to make transporting skis easier, check out the SkiCart. An unsuccessful Kickstarter product, it added small wheels to the tails of skis, so they could be pulled around like luggage.

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