Skoda's badge doesn't have the same prestige as some of the other brands within the VW Group stable, but that doesn't mean the Czech marque doesn't deserve attention. The Superb is a fantastic family wagon, and the Octavia vRS is a Golf GTI in drag. Until now the only thing missing was an SUV, a hole soon to be filled by the Kodiaq.

The covers haven't been whipped all the way off yet, but we have enough details to get an idea of what the Kodiaq will offer. Judging by the stats Skoda has shared, it's going to be practical. With five seats upright, the boot holds 720-liters (25.4 cu.ft), while folding the rear seats down extends the space to 2,065-liters (73 cu.ft).

Depending on the options ticked there's even room for items up to 2.9 m (9.5 ft) long, and the car will be sold as a seven seater.

Just like Land Rover has done with the new Range Rover, Skoda has gone all-out with driver aids on the Kodiaq. Nervous trailer towers can now take their hands off the wheel and let the car do the work when reverse parking, and the new Manoeuvre Assist system is automatic emergency braking for when reversing. There's also a 360-degree camera system fitted, that uses cameras mounted on the front, rear and mirrors to build a top-down image of the car's surroundings.

Skoda will completely unveil the Kodiaq on September 1 in Berlin.

Source: Skoda

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