If you're in need of a good case of vertigo, just Google the term "rock climbing bivy." Essentially, it's a narrow cot that a mountain climber fastens to a cliff face, where they proceed to precariously spend the night dangling above oblivion. Although you might not want to push things quite that far, you can now get the same sort of thrill – but in a safer, more comfortable fashion – by staying in one of Natura Vive's three Skylodge Adventure Suites.

Installed in 2013, the capsule-style aluminum and polycarbonate suites are located on a cliff face in Peru's Sacred Valley, and are reached by making a 400-m (1,312-ft) vertical climb up a steel ladder embedded in the rock – there are stretches where guests must also traverse the cliff horizontally.

For people who don't want to climb, there's additionally an option of getting there via a combination of hiking trails and a zip-line network.

Each 24 x 8-foot (7.3 x 2.4-m) suite features four beds, a dining area, solar-powered lighting and a private bathroom. In order to stave off the claustrophobia, there's also an open-air seating platform on top of each capsule.

Prices start at 919 Nuevo Sol (about US$289) per person, which includes transportation to and from Cusco City, and one night in a suite. A breakfast and a "gourmet" dinner with wine are also part of the package, as take-out options are pretty sparse up on the cliff face.

You can see more of the Skylodge Adventure Suites in the following video.

Source: Natura Vive

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