If you believe the hype, you're soon going to have wearable electronics strapped, wrapped and dangling all over your body. Better save some room for wearable sports gear, though. We've seen a steady flow of sporty wearables, and they're not all performance-tracking wristbands. We covered one wearable sled not 10 months ago, and now we have an alternative design. Sled Legs strap to your legs, letting you kneel down and take off down the snow like Clark Griswold.

Looking a lot like oversized shin guards, Sled Legs are designed to update the routine of dragging a sled uphill to ride it back down. You wear them while walking uphill, then ride them like a sled (or maybe "knee skis") back down.

As currently designed, each Sled Leg features a thermoformed ABS outer shell and a closed cell foam inner pad. The outer shell has a ridged base to provide some on-snow guidance. Each Sled Leg secures to the leg via two adjustable straps, and multiple strap mounting points let you adjust strap placement to the size of your legs.

Once they're secure on your legs, your job is pretty simple: Learn how to walk with large, goofy shin-sleds, then hike uphill and get sledding. They don't look like the most comfortable snow hiking accessories on the market, but Sled Legs' designers promises that you can walk and even run once you get the hang of it. They also promise a fast downhill ride that can be set in motion with a running start.

We're not sure that the world really needs multiple wearable sleds – sleds really aren't that heavy to drag – but it has them, and Sled Legs designers are hoping that people are interested enough to help it raise US$25,000 on Indiegogo. They're offering them (in small and large sizes) for pledge levels starting at $84 per pair, a 40 percent discount on planned $140 retail pricing.

Check out the three-minute video below to see the Sled Legs in uphill/downhill action. After that, let us know what you think about the small trend of wearable sleds, and whether you'd rather tackle the hill with a SnoSoot or a set of Sled Legs. Of course, "none of the above" is also a perfectly valid answer.

Source: Indiegogo

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