If the ever-expanding array of sleep tracking straps, spheres and mattress covers has you in need of a lie down, then Sleep Number might have your back. Through its newly announced smart bed with adjustable firmness, the company aims to train you for a solid night's sleep by monitoring your physical activity right around the clock.

Sleep Number is no stranger to the sleep tracking game. Its Sleep IQ technology, which features in a number of its beds, monitors the quality of your rest through sensors and offers an in-app analysis of sleep quality. Announced at CES today, its newest offering which is simply named "it" builds on this by also drawing on tracking data from health and fitness apps throughout the user's daily routine.

The built-in biometric sensors take measurements on things like heart rate, breathing and movement hundreds of times per second throughout the night, and combines this with information from beyond the bedroom to make recommendations for a better night's sleep. By hooking up with your fitness tracker, for example, it might know that you've been on a gut-busting jog so will suggest a softer mattress setting for your aching muscles. Or through weather or traffic reports it might predict a longer trip into the office in the morning and recommend hitting the hay a little earlier.

The bed tailors its levels of firmness through a pair of adjustable foam-filled air chambers, which means couples can customize their side of the mattress for comfort independent of one another. It will be available in six sizes, ranging from twin all the way up to king. With launch planned for (US) summer 2016, the it bed will be priced at approximately US$1,000.

You can check out the promo video below.

Source: Sleep Number

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