Slegooning: snow sledding for speed demons

Slegooning: snow sledding for ...
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December 29, 2008 Flipping upside down on a snow sled usually puts an abrupt end to your downhill journey and leaves you with - at best - a face full of the white stuff and a short slog to retrieve your errant steed. Enter the Slegoon, a concept design from Londoner Spike Reid which puts a new spin on sledding by seating the rider in a semi-enclosed pod that can continue its run even when upside down.

The idea of "Slegooning" is to turn sledding into a full-contact sport. Two of these caged soap-box racers for the slopes would be pitted side-by-side down a run and could take each other out with aggressive maneuvers. Control is enhanced by the curved underside of the craft and two "poles" fitted on either side of the seat which assist in shifting weight - we're not sure how beneficial these would be if you're upside down!

The Slegoon is a previous winner of the UK IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics competition.

Spike Reid/Coroflot via Trendhunter.

Images: Spike Reid/Coroflot.

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