smallHD launches external HD monitor for DSLRs

smallHD launches external HD monitor for DSLRs
SmallHD DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs
SmallHD DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs
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SmallHD’s DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs
SmallHD’s DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs
SmallHD DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs
SmallHD DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs

No matter how big Nikon and Canon make their rear body LCDs, you can never quite beat the control over shot quality you have when you can preview whilst tethered.

Now available to pre-order, SmallHD’s DP-SLR external monitor for DSLRs offers up a good solution for previewing 1280 x 800 resolution images on a hand-sized screen. Complimenting your existing LCD screen, this 4" x 6" x 1" bit of kit boasts the title of the world’s smallest HD monitor.

Using this monitor when you’re on the move shouldn’t be a problem as a bracket adapter makes it possible to mount the DP-SLR onto your camera’s hotshoe. Glare shouldn’t be an issue either as a neoprene sunhood will available as an accessory.

With a screen density of 270ppi the DP-SLR gives you the chance to preview with almost the quality you’d expect to see from a photo print. Photographers will also have an impressive amount of control over images with on-screen adjustments available for all the essentials such as contrast, brightness, hue, saturation and sharpness as well as RGB control and Gamma settings.

For a quick preview of how a color-captured shot will look like in black and white, the DP-SLR advanced settings gives you the chance to check out images in monochrome. Meanwhile, advanced options allow you to carry out quick image flips or back-light your images.

Take a look around the back of the DP-SLR monitor and there’s a wealth of inputs including scope for HDMI, Component and 3G/HD/SDI. The SmallHD Battery will provide you with up to 4-hours run time. However, with a DC input range of 5 to 18, SmallHD promises the monitor can be used with “nearly any battery on the market”.

Priced at $1199 for the DP-SLR model with all the bells and whistles it’s also available without the 3G/HD/SDI inputs to keep the cost down to $899.

The DP-SLR is only available to pre-order at the moment through the SmallHD website, with additional accessories expected to be released at a later date. Those who have pre-ordered the device are promised to receive their unit within 75 days.

DP-SLR specifications:

  • Inputs: HDMI, Component, Composite, 3G/HD/SDI
  • Resolution: 1280x800
  • Screen Dimension: 5.6-inch diagonal
  • Viewing Angle: 179 Degrees
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Physical Dimensions: 4” x 6” x 1”
  • Construction: Milled Aluminum Construction
  • Power: 5v to 18v Input
  • Button Interface: DSLR-Style
  • Firmware: Field-Updatable
Jacob Broësener
Thanks for the informative review Emma. I have been looking for a field monitor with HDMI for a while now. The smallHD looks great - except my budget won\'t stretch that far. Has anyone had any experience with the 669GL-70NP/C from Lilliput I have seen for sale at for about $240? The price is much lower, so I can\'t expect all the features that comes with the smallHD, but it suits my budget at the moment!
Thank you,
Andy Stockglausner
Very cool product, BUT, for $1300 you could buy a laptop computer instead or multiple ones. Way too pricey for me.