Smart plans to become the first automotive manufacturer to switch its entire lineup from combustion to electric drive. The company will do so next year, but is giving the internal combustion engine a final hurrah with special edition cars created by German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic.

The Final Collector's Edition – called the #21 series – is meant to be a "contemporary work of art for the road," saluting the past and heralding in the future. The "21" encapsulates the 21 years of Smart, the limited run of 21 vehicles in this special edition, and the concept of looking forward to a future starting in 2021. The special Final Collector's Edition Smart cars will leave the factory this August before the assembly line begins retooling for its all-EV future.

"#21 commemorates something special, celebrating 21 years of Smart. For me, it also symbolizes much of what being 21 is about: being free, breaking boundaries, breaking out, showing your rebellious side," said Grcic. "The Final Collector's Edition brings this essential idea to life as we take our leave of a piece of automotive history."

The yellow and black paint scheme honors the first edition of the Smart car, which was designed with a "hello yellow" color under the company's "Reduce to the max" mission statement at the time. Swiss artist Roman Signer created a yellow-to-black rendition of the Smart by simulating paint being dumped on the car as it drove through a tunnel – hence the look of the Final Collector's Edition models by Grcic.

"For us, the Final Collector's Edition marks both the end of an era and a new beginning as a significant milestone in the history of Smart," said Daniel Lescow, head of the Smart brand.

Source: Smart

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