At times it may feel like the only thing less interesting than the meeting you're in is the whiteboard on which notes are being made. A new type of whiteboard, however, means that may no longer be the case. The Smart Kapp shares content on it in real time, and allows users to save snapshots.

The whiteboard is reminiscent of the Moleskin Livescribe notebook that Gizmag featured earlier this year. As with the notebook, the Smart Kapp allows users to make notes and sketches by hand, whilst immediately relaying them to an accompanying mobile app where they can be saved. It is, of course, on a much larger scale, and places a greater emphasis on sharing and collaboration.

At its core, the Smart Kapp is still a traditional whiteboard (measuring 42 in / 107 cm from corner to corner), with pens for writing and an eraser for clearing the board. Beyond that, though, the board can be plugged into a mains socket and connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. iOS users can scan a QR code in order to connect to the board, and Android users can tap their device on the board to connect via NFC.

Assuming the paired mobile device has the Smart Kapp mobile app installed and an internet connection, any content that then goes up on the board can be shared and saved on other devices. Up to five people can connect to a sharing session, be they in the same room or halfway around the world. Viewers can be invited via a "share" button in the app and via a shareable URL. They can connect either via the Smart Kapp app loaded onto their own mobile device, or via a web browser.

Users can take snapshots of what they're viewing at any time, eliminating the need for people to write up and share notes or take photos of them. Snapshots are taken by touching the camera button on the board itself or in the app, which saves them as JPEGs or PDFs. It's also possible to save snapshots to a USB key plugged into the side of the board or to cloud services. This snapshot functionality means that the progression of an idea being discussed can be tracked. Remote users can view all of the snapshots taken, even if they have joined a session part way through.

All data relayed to the Smart Kapp's cloud service is encrypted and is deleted as soon as the board is wiped or the sharing connection is stopped. Only one mobile device can be connected to the board at any one time, minimizing the chance of the board being "intercepted."

The Smart Kapp is available now, at a recommended price of US$899.

The video below provides an introduction to the device.

Source: Smart Kapp

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