May 13, 2008 Back in 2005 Gizmag reported on an innovative way to warn caffeine-addicts when their coffee too hot to drink, by changing the color of the takeaway cup lid. The Smart Lid has now been awarded ‘Best of Show’ at the AmeriStar Award hosted by the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

The Australian coffee lid product has been making waves in the US being featured on CNBC, Good Morning America and the Discovery Science Channel. Now US industry has recognized the the unique idea.

“Receiving this level of recognition within the US packaging industry is huge news for an Australian company. The demand for our product is growing in all the major regions of the world. We are now seeking manufacturing, distribution and expansion partners across the US and Europe,” said Nick Bayss, Managing Director of Smart Lid Systems.

The product works by warning consumers that their coffee may be too hot by changing from a dark coffee color to a bright red when the lid is applied to a hot drink. As the beverage cools the lid returns to dark brown so you know it’s safe to drink. The Smart Lid can be used to seal most printed and insulated cups and differentiate take-out venues from those using regular white lids.

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