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Smart protection for high-heel shoes

Smart protection for high-heel shoes
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July 3, 2007 Smart Heel heel protectors are all about protecting your assets, and with billions* spent annually in the U.S. on fashion footwear each year, many women would agree that high-heels are an asset worth protecting. These simple but effective patent pending devices are designed to slip onto your heels before venturing outside in order to fend off tears and scratches caused by sidewalk cracks, stairs and escalators. The protectors are then removed when you reach your destination ensuring that the heels remain unscathed and looking their best.

The universal design is aimed at protecting heels – whether they be $3000 Chanel alligator and lambskin pumps or something a little less extravagant – without compromising the beauty of the shoes.

Smart Heel will mold itself to fit a particular heel to optimize protection and as such it is recommended that a separate pair of Smart Heels are used for each pair of shoes.

The product is not recommend for use on heels covered with patent leather with a new version under development to cater for this type of heel.

Convertible high-heels may offer an alternative solution, but this somewhat limits the fashion choices available.

Visit Smart Heel for further information on fitment and usage of the US$9.95 protectors.

*Forbes report that American women spent nearly US$17 billion on fashion footwear between October 2004 and October 2005.

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