For something so easily misplaced, a lost wallet can cause an inordinate amount of hassle. Chores like replacing a driver's license and calling the bank to cancel credit cards, while resigning oneself to the loss of whatever cash was stored within, aren't much fun in anyone's book. The people behind Walli are aiming to save forgetful folk from such hassles, by giving their smartphone a nudge when the wallet or some of its contents are left behind.

As an item that a lot of people carry with them everyday, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs have taken a pass at the smart wallet before. Earlier this year we took a look at the Wocket, which essentially secures electronic versions of your cards behind a couple of verification steps, while the SmartWallit, which launched in 2013 and has since been subject to an upgrade, pushes a notification to the user's smartphone when it is left behind. Or should the smartphone be the forgotten item, SmartWallit will beep instead.

Walli works on a very similar premise. Connecting to an iOS and Android app over Bluetooth 4.0, it sends a display notification to the user's phone as soon as it goes out of range. Conversely, if the phone is misplaced but within 100 ft (30.5 m), a double tap on Walli will cause the phone to start ringing. But what might give Walli an edge over the other smart wallets out there is its ability to keep tabs of what's supposed to be inside.

A patent-pending technology the creators call SecurePockets sees Walli keep track of which pockets inside the wallet usually play home to cards.. They claim these pockets to be smart, and capable of sending a signal to the paired smartphone should a credit card or ID be missing from its slot for too long (the period of time can be configured in the app).

Walli is made from genuine leather and is available in both black and blue. Conveniently, it runs on a coin cell battery so it won't need charging, though the battery will need replacing around every six months. It is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, where it has eclipsed its fundraising goal of US$25,000 with a total of $67,000 at the time of writing. Early pledges of $79 are available, with shipping slated for February 2015.

You can check out the campaign pitch video below.

Source: Walli

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