The ErgoMotion keyboard doesn't look that different to a few other ergonomically designed models out there, but it is. The keyboard is powered to change the angle, up and down, which prevents the user from typing at the one angle for hours on end and is designed to reduce repetition injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist and hands. If you're one of those people who never remembers to alter their typing position, the keyboard is pre-programmed to alter its angle so you don't have to.

The company's other offering - the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse - is a non-powered mouse that "wobbles" on a stem, which prevents the user from gripping the mouse in same position hour after hour while still being comfortable and easy to use. SmartFish CEO and designer, Dr. Jack Atzmon, said that the mouse was originally intended to have a motor but the company ran out of funds. When showing the product to potential investors, they loved it the way it was and ordered a few thousand anyway.

Dr. Atzmon spoke to Gizmag about the products at CES 2010.