February 4, 2008 Necessity catalyzes invention, so it makes sense that eventually someone would come up with a collapsible boat that doesn’t require a trailer, and can be stored in a cupboard. At just 39 kg with 10 square meters of sail, the Smartkat is not only fast on the water, it is also fast to build (20 minutes), and even faster to put back in its two 180 x 30 x 30 cm bags (10 minutes), all done without tools.

Similar in concept to the Minicat, except slightly larger at 4.3 meters, the SmartKat is entirely self contained with no small parts that can get lost and turn your pride a joy into a wood duck.

The SmartKat is also adaptable because hen the wind isn’t blowing, you still have options: a 3HP motor will give it a top speed of 12 knots thanks to its light weight, or you can remove the mast and use it as a swimming platform.

There are three SmartKat models – the standard EUR 3,695 model, a performance EUR3,985 model with roll jib and a EUR 4,990 model with the mast and beam made from carbon fiber.

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