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Smooth operator : Philips Moisturizing shaving system

Smooth operator : Philips Moisturizing shaving system
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August 8, 2007 Philips has teamed up with Nivea for Men to release a new Moisturizing shaving system. The waterproof unit combines the latest innovations in men’s razors with one key improvement: built-in shaving conditioner that applies moisturizer as you shave.

With the aim of packing all of the features that men want in a shaver into a single product, Philips has included precision blades for a close cut and shaving heads with a unique glide ring aimed at helping the shaver slide more smoothly across your face. These features have been seen on the market in different variations before, but what really makes this new product exceptional is its ability to moisturize the skin and shave at the same time. The shaving system feeds Nivea for Men conditioning lotion through the shaver itself. Moisturizing lotion is pumped into a nozzle on the shaver, and applied to the face through the shaving heads. So you shave and condition your skin in one sweep of the hand.

As well as being able to fill the shaver manually, the product comes with a refill and charging stand, meaning that when you can put the razor in the stand to charge it automatically refills as well. Now that should save the average guy plenty of time, whilst going through the throngs of his average morning beauty routine.

The full system including stand is available for AUD$299.95

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