It was September 2016 when the Snapchat Spectacles were first announced, smart glasses capable of shooting video straight to the Snapchat app. By all accounts, sales haven't been huge, but Snapchat owner Snap isn't giving up – it just launched Snapchat Spectacles v2.

Upgrades over the first version include the option to take photos as well as shoot video, waterproofing, and a slightly refined design. Version 2 of the specs also ditch the yellow ring around the camera lens, though it still lights up when recording.

On top of that, Snap is offering prescription options and promising faster specs-to-phone syncing with the second generation of the device. According to rumors, a third iteration is on the way too, capable of producing 3D effects thanks to two cameras in the frame.

As we noted in our original Snapchat Spectacles review, the glasses certainly have their uses – it makes it much easier to shoot footage of the kids, or the pets, or a route down a ski slope when you don't have your hands free to take your phone out.

At the same time, we had reservations that many people would pay US$99.99 for a social media accessory, and these new specs up that price to $149.99. You get a carrying case and a charging cable as well as your Snapchat Spectacles for that price.

In short: kind of a cool idea, but probably too pricey for most. And awkward in a lot of social situations. Add to that the fact that they can only be used with Snapchat, and you can see why this is a gadget that hasn't broken any sales records yet.

Nevertheless, Snap doesn't seem daunted, with a flash new video showing off the capabilities of Snapchat Spectacles v2, which you can view below. The new wearable goes on sale today in the US, Canada, the UK, and France, with 13 more European countries getting added to the list on May 3.

To get yourself a pair, you need to head straight to the Snapchat site – you can't pick Snapchat Spectacles up from third-party retailers. Version 2 is available in black (onyx), red (ruby), and blue (sapphire).

For those who bought version 1 of the specs, they'll get a firmware update adding the option to take photos as well as videos in the near future, Snap has confirmed.

Product page: Snapchat Spectacles

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